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Our CrossFit program is fitness for everyone. Our coaches are here to help you reach your fitness goals through constantly varied functional movements. The intensity is high, but we promise our program yields results you’ll be able to see and feel.

The workouts are varied; you won’t get bored. Each workout can be scaled to suit your unique level of fitness and skill. We will get you moving safely and efficiently. This will reduce the effect of stress in your life while improving your focus and concentration. Join us and get started with a stronger, fitter, and healthier life.


SteadFast BootCamp

SteadFast BootCamps will be a fitness program catered to those who make time to dedicate to their health and fitness with applied functional work with bodyweight classes to help you create your best self. BootCamp is a dynamic program including, endurance, bodyweight work, HIIT and weight training. We create an environment that people will not dread coming to workout, but rather look forward to pushing themselves and the people around them helping to reach goals in each of their lives. Benefits include reduced stress, anxiety, and health issues.



CrossFit SteadFast’s Personal Training program provides accountability while offering tailored sessions for your unique fitness goals. One of our coaches will be with you every step of the way and will track your progression, nutrition habits, sleep quality, mobility and recovery. Sessions are 60 minutes, and we offer 2 or 3 times per week packages to maximize results.

Pricing varies based on the number of sessions per week and the length of contract commitment (month-to-month vs. 6 or 12 month commitment).


Achieve An Active Lifestyle

Achieve the long term active lifestyle you deserve in a supportive community.