September 2018



To my CF SteadFast Family,First of all, I am so sorry I didn’t get to meet and personally say goodbye before I left for Seattle on the 21st of August. I was planning to move back to Seattle in Jan 2019, but things kind of unraveled quickly after July 26th and I had to move [...]

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August 2018

Nutrition 101:


The idea here is that in order to fuel your fitness and athletic performance, what you eat and what you drink while NOT AT THE GYM is as important as your training. You are athletes. Whether you train a couple times a week or are at the box daily, what you eat and drink is [...]

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February 2018

The Open: Greg Hamilton


The Open Season is back again, and I am excited to see what Dave Castro has in store for us! I have been doing CrossFit for four years now and this will be the second time I will be able to finish each workout on time.  Over the past years different activities; usually Army commitments, [...]

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December 2017

SteadFast Featured Athletes: The Doctors


These ladies have been kicking ass and taking names!  SteadFast is proud to announce our newest featured athletes...The Doctors! Ashley - We started our On Ramp in July of last year as a small group of residents. Before joining, it seemed like my life consisted of working, studying, a little sleep and repeat the next day. [...]

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