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February 2017



The Caribbean sea surrounds me. The sun beats down and I can hear the clink of glasses from a nearby waterside restaurant. My boyfriend, who easily completed the required task for this stage of scuba training, explores the underwater paradise around us without hesitation. Tropical fish are probably swimming below my feet, but I can’t [...]


December 2016

SteadFast Featured Athlete – Janet Deloach


Warning! I just finished watching yet another Christmas Hallmark Channel movie. So this could get a little sappy. They get to me every time!   I first walked through the bay doors of CrossFit SteadFast in February of this year at the age of 55. And although it took me quite a while to get [...]

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November 2016

Foodie Friday: Tostones…Fails and Wins


Why am I calling this blog “Fails and Wins”?   Simply put:  in the kitchen you don’t always get stuff right, and there is no need to beat yourself up about it.  Hopefully, any disaster can be salvaged.  If it tastes good but the presentation didn’t end up quite as you hoped, then you live [...]

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Foodie Friday: Vacation Eats


Aaahhhh…vacation.  A time to relax, rejoice, eat, drink and be merry! Absolutely.  I agree with this 100% and as some of you may know I have recently returned from 3 weeks away. We flew to South Africa by way of a three day layover in Paris (because why not?).  While I do post photos of [...]

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October 2016

Rebecca’s Story: Part 4


What a week! I hope everyone and their families are well after the evacuation from hurricane Matthew. I also hope no one is reading this with a new skylight in their roof. We were lucky, we had two large trees fall and are just grateful it didn’t land on a home, but instead just some [...]

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Rebecca’s Story: Part 3


This week I wanted to talk about getting my health back after completing chemotherapy for breast Cancer. I feel obligated to say that I am no athlete and have never run any spectacular distances, nor broken any records, or won any big games. You could say I was a runner, but only of short distances. [...]

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Rebecca’s Story: Part 2


Hello again. In keeping with the theme of breast cancer month I thought I could speak more in-depth on my experiences through treatment. By the time I sat in the chemo-chair the tumor was 6cm. I was terrified of what was to come, but felt almost relieved to start treatment because this was my first [...]

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September 2016

Foodie Friday: Elevated Cauliflower Purée


This is not a new and exciting food-find that is going to absolutely blow you mind. (if so, I may want to ask you what rock you have been living under) I started making cauliflower puree as a substitute for mashed potatoes in 2008 when the people I was cooking for were asking for “low [...]

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Rebecca’s Story


It’s almost October, and that means Breast Cancer Awareness. My name is Rebecca Eades and I’m a recent breast cancer survivor. Let me start by saying that writing for this blog intimidates me more than you can possibly know; this is not something I normally do. Sabrina asked me to share with everyone some time [...]

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Foodie Friday: Farmers Market Finds


I travel a lot with work (ha, no kidding!) and usually the guests come and use the boat over the weekends, so very often I cannot get away on a Saturday to take advantage of local farmer’s markets…not to mention the fact that it’s a real pain in the a** to try and get ashore, [...]

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